Diamond Dust - Pre Race

Diamond Dust Pre-Race
Diamond Dust Pre-Race
Diamond Dust Pre Race Mango
Diamond Dust - Pre Race
Pre race - diamond dust
Diamond Dust - Pre Race


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Tested atALS laboratory
Net Weight200 g
When to consume20-30 minutes before training
Effects• More energy

 Better performance

 Increased nitrate levels

 Improved endurance

 Prevents cramps and dehydration

Reviews from sports sites

Review from Procyclinguk

Procyclinguk.com found an increase in performance and power outlet! Especially on the hills our Pre Race enhanced the performance in their test.

See how many watts their test person increased his performance in this review!


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Review from Webhaaz

This is what Webhaaz rote about the effect og our Pre Race: "For me using the Diamond Dust “Pre Race” product has a positive effect. The ingredients do their job well and as an side effect is also have less headaches after the training, my guess it works the same as the cramp prevention. So I think I will add this to my list of products to use for every training!"

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Review from Mtbx

Jesper from MTBX has tested our Pre Race and recommend it for everybody to try out.

He had the best effect when the pre race is taken before the workout, but that he also tested how the product work if taken during the workout, and concluded that this also work when taken during the workout. 


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The effect of the Pre Race

How to use

Mix DIAMOND DUST PRE RACE® in a bottle, add water, shake it, and consume 20-30 minutes before your workout.

The product gives you maximal performance up to 3-4 hours after intake!

For workouts more than 4 hours you can add 1 spoon pre race per water bottle to maintain the effect. 

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